Beyonce’s Dad Launches Online Only Record Label


The online world of music is changing so quickly. It is very exciting to be involved in the industry right now. I am working on developing C-Sharp Productions into not only a great studio and production company, but also an online record label.

I was excited to see that Beyonce’s dad, Matthew Knowles, is launching his own online only record label. He is developing artists and getting ready to release digital projects.

Read more on what they are doing.

This year C-Sharp Productions is going to be signing and releasing new artists online. We will chronicle the progress on this blog.


6 Responses to “Beyonce’s Dad Launches Online Only Record Label”

  1. Please send me information on this online record label.
    I have a young lady who is waiting to be heard, but we cannot contact anyone. We do have a demo.
    Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing to hearing from you.

    Please don’t let this talented young lady
    slip through your hands.

    Thank you


    1120 Augusta Rd.
    Fort Worth, Texas 76126

  2. Could You Also send me info about this online record label
    400 Greens Rd Apt 1823
    Houston Tx 77060

  3. Follow the link in this blog to get the names of the artists that are under this new label.

    I do not have any info.

    – Chad

  4. 4 Rontae Pierce

    Please send me info about the label because i have a female artist underneath me manegement company who can sang her butt please email me back or call me at 386-589-8242 rontae pierce
    C.E.O. of Eatnor Entertainment
    thank you

  5. My name is La’Daria Monay Avery and I am trying to get dicovered. Everyday I get on the computer and try to promote myself my mom helps too. Go on Youtube and look me up La’Daria Monay and then click on my channel so you can see my other songs. All of my songs are not on youtube yet but they will be. I am on Facebook, Twitter,, and youtube. So please somebody sign me up. I will never say never.

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