How do you get your CD in the Top 40?


I noticed some interesting information today. I was browsing last weeks CD sales numbers on  I was curious to see exactly what it would take to get your CD in the Top 40.

Last week it took 15,953 CD’s sold according to the stats on HitsDailyDouble. I think they use Soundscan numbers.  Buckcherry held the #40 spot. While selling nearly 16,000 CD’s is impressive when you are an independent musician, it also seems somehow possible if you got your ducks in a row.

15,953 CD’s for the week is 2279 per day.  If you sold a CD to 1% of the people who hear your music you would need to have 227,900 people hear your music…..everyday to make the Top 40. Of course it is more complicated than just having someone hear your songs once, but it is interesting to think about ways to get more people to hear your music.

Could you have 227,000 people log on to your page in a day? It is possible. Do I have an answer on how to do it? No, but I like contemplating things like that. For instance on average I make $.01 for every page hit to my CDbaby site. I know this because I track my sales, revenue and page hits.

Anyone have any ideas on how to make money online with music? How to sell more CD’s online?
I have a way I could sell more…..You can buy my CD! 🙂 —- CHAD


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