Minnesota Morning Music Video


One of my friends has his own record label in Minneapolis called Tyrol Hills Music. He has had his label since around 1987, so more than 20 years. He launched the label with a song called, “Minnesota Morning.” It was written by Jeff Brooks.  It is a great song about Minnesota and how it makes you feel. Tyrol Hills Music has sold over 100,000 copies of the song on cassette and CD.

Tyrol Hills Music has now released a new video of the song on YouTube.  It includes photos taken by Minnesota photographers. It really looks cool! I wanted to share it with those of you who have been taking time to read this blog.

Watch the “Minnesota Morning” Video.

Order “Minnesota Morning” CD’s.

Tyrol Hills Music also just signed Twin Cities gospel great Robert Robinson. His new CD is hot off the presses and has some very moving songs. Check out Roberts CD.  — CHAD


2 Responses to “Minnesota Morning Music Video”

  1. Where is Jeff Brooks now? Is he still playing venues or doing shows or concerts?


  2. John,

    Not sure where Jeff is now. You should contact Jim at Tyrol Hills Music at http://www.minnesotamorning.com.

    – Chad

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