I Want to Record a CD. How?


I get calls and emails all the time from singers and performers that want to make CD’s. Many of them have never recorded before, let alone recorded anything.  This means they are usually not familiar with the process and what goes into producing a project. They usually just know that they love singing and they are pretty good. Friends and family tell them all the time they should make a CD.

So today I wanted to give a little bit of info on the steps of working with C-Sharp Productions

1. The first step is to determine what kind of CD you want to do. — What style? How many songs? Do you have songs already or do you need/want new ones written for you? I do the best job for pop, R&B, country, dance and hip-hop projects.  I specialize in writing and producing for singers.

2. The next step is to call or email me and set up a time to meet and talk about your project. — This will help you determine your budget and if you think I can do a good job for you. I can show you previous work, etc. It also gives us a chance to see if we click personality-wise. We can also determine if you are ready to record a CD.

3. After we meet and determine what kind of project we are going to do we will set up a time to start the project.  If we are starting completely from scratch we will need to set up times to start writing new songs. We can write them together, or I can produce tracks that you can write words and music to.  Each project is different, so the process can vary. I enjoy sitting in the same room and writing songs together.

4. When we have the songs written and tracks produced we will record the vocals.

5. Once the vocals and all music is recorded, then it is time for the mixdown. Mixing is the process of setting volume, EQ and other levels to make sure the song sounds the best it can.

6.  Once we have the mixes complete we then can determine the best route of distribution and packaging. — Do you want to release CD’s? Online only releases?  There are many options available and I can walk you through that process.

7. Now you have a CD or project completed how do you sell it? — I can assist artists in putting together marketing campaigns to launch their projects.

My goal with C-Sharp Productions is to make a living by helping people record high quality CD’s at affordable rates. I want each person who works with me to have a unique project that they can be proud of.  If you have ever thought of recording a CD, but haven’t looked into it, please get in touch with me.  It doesn’t hurt to meet up and see if there are any ways we can work together. Also, if you know of someone who should record a CD, get them in touch with me. — CHAD


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