Online Music Tips for Finding a Music Producer


If you are a singer or in a band, you know how difficult it can be in finding a quality music producer. You want someone who can help you get the best sound for your budget. You also want someone who will be honest with you at every step of your recording process.

I have been producing projects for acts for 12 years now. I know that I treat each project the way I would want my project treated. I also pride myself on helping each artist say what they want to say.  I also understand that not every artist or band is going to hire me to produce for them. So I came up with some tips to help find a producer and studio that is right for you.


1. Google their company name – See what they have done.

2. Study their website – Who have they worked with? Where are they located?

3. Listen to their previous work – If they don’t have samples online, request a CD of their previous work. Does the style fit with yours? Do you like their style and/or songs?

4. Ask to meet with them in person – This helps you decide if you feel comfortable working with them. When you work with a producer it becomes very personal. Many times artists are expressing their emotions in their work.

5. Don’t worry about what gear they use – The sound is what really counts. Do not get tunnel vision looking for specific mics, software, etc. If the producer has the sound you are looking for, it doesn’t matter how they get there.

by Chad Sharp of C-Sharp Productions

You can distribute and reproduce this blog as much as you want. Share with your friends, just please give me credit. Thanks!


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