Affordable CD Duplication for Independent Artists


C-Sharp Productions

C-Sharp Productions helps singers and songwriters record demos and CD projects. We know that many independent artists are looking for the most cost effective ways to get their music heard. I have found some sites that I feel will be of help to any independent artists who are looking to get their music out, without breaking their checkbooks:

1. – This is a very neat CD duplication site. You can upload artwork and music and they make your CD’s for $1.75 per copy. Retail ready including barcode….very sweet process….pretty simple software download needed.

2. — This site is great when you want to get CD’s made quickly in small runs. They have many packaging options to choose from. They also do DVD’s and have online design tools and templates for CD covers.

3. – This is a great site for if you don’t want to have physical CD’s made. They charge upfront fees to get your music on itunes, amazon, etc.

4. – This is another great site to use if you want to get your music for sale as downloads across the net. They charge a setup fee, plus a small monthly retainer per album.

5. – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! This is one of God’s gifts to the indie music world. Upfront, simple system that actually is designed to help artists make the most money simply and honestly. Can not say enough great things about what Derek has created with this site.

Do you know of any other great CD duplicators or distributors?? Please leave links in the comment section.


6 Responses to “Affordable CD Duplication for Independent Artists”

  1. 1 briange

    Hey, it’s really cool that you’re helping out other independent artists/musicians/etc. and sharing information with them. I think it is essential for the survival of independent workers to collaborate and assist each other. Keep up the good work!

    -Brian of

  2. Hi, perhaps we can help any UK based bands with their CD dupication requirements, Thanks! Duplic8 Ltd.

  3. 4 Zaki

    Great post,

    Can I use the links myself ?

    Thanks in advance

    Zaki Rostom

  4. All of the links can be used by anyone. They are great resources.

  1. 1 Affordable CD Duplication for Independent Artists « Zaki & Friends

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