Rick Jensen in our Minneapolis Recording Studio


When I started my music production company in 1996 I was in Mitchell, SD.  I was born and raised there. So I made it one of my goals to help develop and promote South Dakota singers and songwriters.  I decided to team up with the South Dakota State Fair and sponsor a singing competition called “Dakota Star.”  The contest became an annual success. I was lucky enough to work with some very talented singers and songwriters and put out some great music! I got to work with Callee Bauman, Janice Gilbert, Michelle Hamm and Matthew Baker.

2007 was the last year I sponsored the contest, since I am no longer based in South Dakota. The great thing is that I am still able to work with a very talented singer. Rick Jensen of Arlington, South Dakota was the 2007 Dakota Star winner. Rick and I have been working on writing songs over the last few months. I am very excited to say that this weekend Rick is driving up to Minneapolis to start recording vocals on the tracks we have been working on.

Rick is a singer that has a great range and great personality. His music focuses on inspirational and even contemporary Christian.  We are working on a CD project that will be released later this year.  We are also going to take advantage of new avenues of online music promotion to get the music around the world.  C-Sharp Productions will be heading up most of the online marketing for Rick’s project.  Rick will also perform around the upper midwest in support of the project. This weekend we will be locked up in our Minneapolis production studio to really get to work on finishing up the songs.

Once we get some of the songs mixed down I will post some samples for you all to hear.


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