Music Business Tracking Part 2


Yesterday I posted a blog that looked at some example stats. We saw that at that rate it would take nearly 6 years to sell 2,000 CD’s.

There are a few ways this band could speed up selling their 2,000 CD’s. Let’s take a look at some places where some small changes could make a big difference.

1. Book more gigs (make more calls)

2. Sell a few more CD’s at each gig (talk more on stage about purchasing…ask for the sale)

So let’s say that the band decides, “Let’s just play more gigs.” Ok, so instead of playing a gig every 15 days, try to make it once a week or every 7 days. Then try to sell two extra CD’s at each performance. Let’s see how long it would take now to sell 2,000 CD’s.

If you sold an average of 16 CD’s per gig it would take 125 gigs to sell 2,000 CD’s. If you played one gig per week, it would take 2.4 years to sell 2,000 CD’s. That is just over 3.5 years less than if you sold 14 CD’s per gig and did a show every 2 weeks instead of every week.

How much time would it take to book a gig a week? Well, look at the numbers…It takes 6.25 calls per gig, according to the numbers in the previous post. How long would it take to make 6.25 calls to potential venues? Track how much time it takes to call….you could figure it out. You should also track how many press and media kits you send out.

These posts were completely fictional numbers. Each artist and band will have different results. I hop you use some of the figures to see how you can improve your music sales. It takes alot of work, but if you devote the time you can do it. You can also hire a music promotion company. 🙂 — CHAD


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