Track your way to making money with your music


Yesterday I gave you some clues on to what each solo artist and band should be tracking. Today I am going to show you how to use some of those numbers to actually plan and project ways to make more money from your music and CD’s

Situation 1: You are a small band that just released a CD. You have been booking a couple shows per month. You have been tracking how many people show up at shows, how many CD’s you sell there, and how many venues you contact to set a gig. You want to know how you can work up to selling 2,000 CD’s… let’s look at the numbers.

Gigs: You have played 4 gigs in the last 60 days

CDs: You sold 56 CD’s at the gigs

Contacts: You called on 25 venues to set the gigs

So the math is pretty basic, but you can use these numbers to determine what it will take for your band to sell your goal of 2,000 CD’s.

First step is to find out how many CD’s you average per gig: 56 CD’s/4 gigs = 14 per gig.  Next take your goal and divide by the per gig: 2000 CD’s/14 per gig = 143 gigs. Now you know that on your averages it will take 143 gigs to sell 2,000 CD’s.  How many venues will you have to call to make that happen? Take your calls divided by gigs: 25 Calls/4 gigs = 6 calls per gig.

So if you want to sell 2,000 CD’s, you need to book 143 shows and it takes 6 calls per gig. You need to make 858 calls. How long will it take to sell the 2,000 CD’s? You had 4 gigs in 60 days: 60 days/4 gigs = 15 days per gig.  Then you take 143 shows times 15 = 2145 days (almost 6 years.)

Most bands will want to sell 2,000 CD’s is less than 6 years. How can you make that happen? Look at your numbers. There are some options. Tomorrow I will take a look at how you can dramatically increase your CD sales with small improvements to some areas that you already track. —- CHAD  C-Sharp Productions


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