Selling CD’s and your music is a numbers game.


Anyone who has ever been in sales knows that it is a numbers game. The more people you call on, the more you sell. You will usually get more NO’s than YES’s but if you contact enough potential clients you can reach your quotas and goals. How many people do you need to contact?

How does this apply to music??

The first thing that singers and bands should do is start tracking their numbers. “What numbers?” you ask….Well let me show you a few things you should start tracking. If you can track it, you can use it to plan and improve. It is the same reason why sports people keep stats.

Things to track:

1. Number of People at each gig

2. Number of CD’s sold at each gig

3. Number of hits to website

4. Number of CD’s sold on website

5. Calls made to set up gigs

6. Amount of revenue from CD’s

7. Revenue from shows.

Once you start keeping track of all this information you can see exactly what it would take to reach your goals. You will start to see your ratios and see where you may need to improve. Tomorrow I will show you some examples of how you can use the information that is listed above. — CHAD


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