Music Tips on submitting to record labels


I am currently looking for a few very select acts to sign to independent recording contracts. I have been receiving demo kits from artists, and frankly have to make some comments on how artists can improve their chances of getting taken seriously.

1. If the label asks for a CD, send a CD!! — I don’t know how many people have sent me links. I am not checking out online kits at this time….that is why I asked for a CD! Online kits work in some cases, but if more than 1 person has to make decisions, then it is tough. Plus, I want to see that you take yourself seriously enough to spend time on a kit.

2. Spend a few extra dollars to make a nice looking CD. — It is 2008. It costs very little to make a nice looking CD. You can use labels, or find companies online to make CD’s with full-color faces and even inserts. I am sick of getting CD-R’s that are written on in Sharpie. If you won’t invest a few dollars on yourself, why should I?

3. Don’t send a bio that says you are the best thing since sliced bread! — DUH. Everyone thinks that. I want to know your BIOGRAPHY. What have you done, where have you performed? Who are your influences? NOT “If you sign me I know we will go platinum.”

4. Do not call or email everyday to see if I received your package. — I receive many packets everyday. I can only respond to people I have an interest in. Nothing personal, just time…

5. Put contact info on EVERYTHING!

6. Put your kit contents in a folder. — I get impressed when everything goes together. Bio and info is on stationary that matches CD motif….folder matches everything else. I hate it when everything is just printed on plain white paper, nothing to set it apart. Again, go to an office supply store and check out how much cool stuff you can do for very little money.

7. Don’t just send lyric sheets if a CD is requested. Many times we are not looking for song lyrics. We are looking for complete artists and songs.

8. Make sure your photos are current and larger than 3×5. 8×10 works best.

9. Put enough postage on your kits….I am NOT going to pay the mailman if you didn’t put enough postage on your kit.

10. Lose the ego. Impress me with your work, not your talk.

 Hope these tips help any artists who are looking to send out demo kits to indie record labels. If you want to know more about C-Sharp Productions, click here. Be sure to check out my demo recording services at


4 Responses to “Music Tips on submitting to record labels”

  1. Thank you for the tips! Seem simple enough, but easy to overlook! Cheers.

  2. I agree with your observation we usually gets short change to there promises about their albums and products.

  3. ADDESSO -which is a rock band, will be getin in touch with you soon, e-mail address is, thank you for the tips we will use them wisely…… thank you,and have a nice day……
    We are not finish with our reverbnation,,,,,web-site,or our wixs web-site,,,,,,due to the death of a band member…… thank you ,,,and have a blessful day.

  4. we have copywrites,,,,and trademarked our work,,and merchandise…..

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