Music Networking


I have had my music business since 1996. I started it as a small recording studio and production company in Mitchell, SD. When I was in high school I was always the guy who was writing music and passing out cassettes. I wanted to share music with whoever was around. I even hit up the local radio stations and newspapers. I was successful at getting some press, even with not much music released. That really helped me develop a name for myself around the town of 15,000 people. If you include the surrounding little towns it was probably an area that had about 50,000 people. The press coverage helped me attract quite a few recording artists and songwriters that hired me to produce their CD’s and demos.  I was one of the only guys in town doing it, so it was fun!

Now I am in a metro area of about 4 million people. It is a big jump from the corn fields of South Dakota, but I am realizing the lessons I learned from good ol’ SD can carry over to my new life here. When I moved here to Minneapolis, I knew I wanted to grow my recording and music production business. C-Sharp Productions has always had huge potential to me. In 2007, I did not do as much marketing, but welcome to 2008!

I have made a conscious effort to get out and tell as many people about my music business as I can. I am attending chamber of commerce events, networking groups, and meeting with as many musicians as I can.  On top of all that I am doing online marketing and press releases. I was recently interviewed by More Magazine. That nationwide mag should be on shelves in mid-March. I am in the April issue. While their are more fish swimming in the MPLS music pond, I am having a lot of fun. Besides meeting many musicians here, I have also had a chance to see some of my favorite musicians perform live.  I have gotten to witness Prince, The Time, Marc Broussard, The Steeles, Robert Robinson, and others. It reminds me why I love this city.

I am also getting ready to sign some new artists to my record label. I am currently accepting demos, and working with some acts that will be marketed by C-Sharp Productions. I am also doing PR and publicity work for Tyrol Hills Music, and indie label that recently signed gospel great Robert Robinson. There are some exciting projects that are in the works between C-Sharp and Tyrol.

More musicians should get out and network. Not only with musicians, but people in general. Everyone knows someone who may be able to help your career. It becomes mre clear all the time that we really live in a small world. — CHAD


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