Chad Sharp in Minneapolis Recording Studio


Me. Chad SharpIt is the first weekend in March and I have some Spring CD fever.  I have started working on my new CD. It is kind of funny, because it seems like I get the urge to make a new CD right around the time when Janet Jackson comes out with a new CD. She just released her latest studio project called, “Discipline.” I have been a fan of Janet from way back in the day. Her work with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have had a very big impact on my style. They have inspired me for a long time.

Friday evening I decided to start a whole new CD and write new songs. I am trying a new process this time. I picked out 12 new song titles and I am going to write the songs to fit with the song titles. It is interesting to me because I already know what the songs are going to be called….I just don’t know what they are going to sound like. The new CD is going to continue with the C-Sharp sound. It will have a good blend of Pop, R&B and dance music. I am also going to try to use sounds and ideas that C-Sharp has not done before. I want to change it up and see where it all goes. Well I am going to go warm up the music gear and start creating. Peace out, yall……… CHAD SHARP


One Response to “Chad Sharp in Minneapolis Recording Studio”

  1. Chad –
    Your enthusiasm is inspiring! 2008 is going to be a great year! I’m so proud of you and the growth of your business. I’ll be looking forward to hearing the new songs! 🙂

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